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At XDRONE, we seamlessly merge cutting edge drones with premium design principles. Each folding quadcopter is crafted to meet the highest standards that thousands of XDRONE customers have come to expect from us.
With durable materials built to last, and a compact folding design, the X drone is one of the best drones in the air today.
Each drone is rigorously tested by our quality inspection team before it leaves the factory. If our X foldable drone doesn’t meet the highest standards, then we don’t sell it, simple as that!
DURABLE; The XDRONE X foldable drone features rock solid design crafted from the strongest materials; This drone has a range of 164 feet and includes rechargeable batteries; A strong outdoor or indoor drone, choose between different power levels for navigating windy conditions

RELIABLE; Each one of our drones has undergone stringent quality inspection and hundreds of hours of development; This foldable drone is crafted to the highest standards; The XDRONE promise is this; if we wouldn’t use the quadcopter drone ourselves, we won’t sell it

FOLDING; Measuring just over 11 inches, this quadcopter can be folded in on itself for easy storage; Auto stabilizing sensors and vertical takeoff make the X drone one of the best drones for kids and drones for adults on the market; Our foldable RC drone is also perfect for beginners

HIGH SPEED; The X kid friendly drone goes like a flash with speeds of up to 20 Mph; Each drone kit includes a USB charging cable; With flight time up between seven to eight minutes, the X toy drone from XDRONE is hours of folding RC drone fun for the whole family

EASY; The X drone is one of the best drones for beginners; With easy maneuverability, vertical takeoff and auto stabilizing sensors, our drones are some of the most popular on the market; Best of all, our drones can even perform 360 degree acrobatic flips in mid air.

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