About us

The X-Drone Experience.

X-Drone by WebRC is made up of a group of people that are spread out across 6 different cities around the world. Our office is in Florida, but everyone at WebRC is free to live and work wherever they want.

Cartoon of WebRC team

We're designers, engineers, tinkerers, programmers, musicians, cyclists, chefs, developers, runners, filmmakers, gardeners, photographers, readers, volunteers, travelers, painters, parents and hard workers.

Such a diversity of people brings a one-of-a-kind approach to all the things we do.

8 years and running.

We started the business back in 2008. This year we'll be turning 8 years old.

Throughout the years we've been blessed to earn the business of thousands of customers. RC (remote control) pilots of all ages have repeatedly chosen X-Drone throughout the years as their preferred RC toy. .

Maximizing Fun.

Our guiding light is asking ourselves the question: How do we maximize fun in our customer's RC toy experiences?

We maximize fun by concentrating on design, educational content, giving back to those in need and being always at your service.

Design makes a difference.

We believe simplicity in design makes a huge difference. Every time we make things easier for our customers we win.

We're doubling down on simple and will continue to make big bets on simplicity for all our products, services and our company.

We want to delight you.

One of the most frustrating parts of flying a quadcopter or helicopter for the first time is the lack in quality documentation/instructions. On top of that, the second you have an emergency landing you have no one to turn to to guide you through how to tune-up your machine. We want to make sure you never have an experience like that, ever.

This is why we started the WebRC Academy. Where you can learn how to fly remote control helicopters & quadcopters, how to service your RC vehicles or how to build one yourself.

We're here to serve you.

If you have a question, just shoot us an email at support at myfunkyplanet dot com and we'll get back to you within a day.

You can also follow us on Twitter @MyWebRC and Facebook.

Thanks for visiting WebRC.